Culture and Traditions

Culture isn’t only the ensemble of material creations of a society, but also the traditions, legends, fairytales, with which generations are
brought up, festivities, songs, dances and customs…And Lemnos is, really, rich in all these.

Let’s have a look of them:

  • Every Tuesday, after the Easter Sunday, the traditional celebration in honor of Panagia Kakaviotissa is held in the open air church.
  • Every 23rd of April, the traditional celebration with horse races, in honor of St. George, takes place in the villages of Kalliopi and Platy.
  • Every summer, Lemnos welcomes a wide range of cultural events, concert, art exhibitions, dance shows, athletic games and theatrical plays.
  • In the village of Thanos, every 26th of July, takes place a celebration in honor of Agia Paraskevi.
  • Reborn festival is also one of a kind series of cultural and musical events, happening in Moudros village.
  • The feast of the Savior, on 6th of August , where grapes are blessed in order to produce fine wine.
  • One of the biggest celebrations, is this in honor of Virgin Mary on 15th of August, in Myrina, Tsimantria, Kaminia and Panagia village.
  • Last but not least, is the feast of the patron Saint of the island, St. Sozon, on 7th of September.
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