The island of Hephaestus

Wild desserts, Tropical dunes, Rugged coastlines and Thermal Springs under the spirit of the Amazons.

Limnos is a lovely Greek island, positioned in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Is a destination for a peaceful holiday in close contact with nature, sheltered gulfs, extensive beaches and landscapes of volcanic rocks, alternate with small hills and traditional villages of stone houses.
The island has preserved itself from the mass tourism and is ideal for family and romantic vacations as well as for surf lovers. With rich history and mythology and one of the oldest excavations for those who want to diverse their holidays.

Capital of the island is Mýrina, a town beautiful for its traditional paved alleys, its old stone mansions, its promenade by the sea with all the restaurants and cafes, and last but not least for its Byzantine Castle. The impressive castle that overlooks the town lies on a rocky and steep peninsula on the hillside of which deers roam free.

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The old port of Myrina

The ancient theatre of Itestia


The history of the island is lost in time. According to ancient Greek mythology, Limnos was the island of Hephaestus, the god of fire and volcanoes. A myth says that he landed on this island when Hera, his mother, had a lover quarrel with Zeus, his father, and when their son Hephaestus tried to intervene, he threw him from Mount Olympus. Hephaestus broke his leg when he landed on the island and remained lame ever after. The people of the island took care of him and in return, the god taught them his art of ironsmith.

Lemnos came under the Persian rule in the 5th century BC and joined the Athenian League after the end of the Persian Wars. After the division of the Roman Empire, Lemnos became part of the Byzantine Empire and a strong Byzantine Castle was built for its protection.
The geographical position of the island and the security of its gulfs upgraded its military position. After the fall of the Byzantine Empire, Lemnos became prey to pirate raids. The island was an object of wars between the Venetians and the Turks and was finally set free in 1912.

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Home of Nature

Limnos boasts unique ecosystems, from harshed landscapes, cascading waterfalls, sea caves and spectacular beaches. In Limnos visitors will be amazed to discover that the island is home to a sandy desert.

On the north side of Lemnos, in an area called Gomati, visitors have the chance to witness a unique and unexpected sight, a small desert. The 7 hectare area is located away from the sea full and it’s full of sand and dunes constantly changing shape, just like in the Sahara desert, depending on the direction of the wind.

The sand dunes, which were created by natural erosion caused by the prevailing winds blowing across the sea, are known as “Pachies Ammoudies” or “Ammothines” and are by far the most attractive element of the island.

At the north part of the island at the Cape of Falakro, or ‘Falakro’ as the locals call it, a beautiful geographical phenomenon reveals the geographic history of Limnos and creates some superb imagery.

Millions of years ago, hot volcanic lava flooded out of the depths of the earth and froze to crystal as soon as it came in contact with the sea waters

Impressive natural sculptures arised as a result, which the locals also call by the impressive name … “fragokefala”. The dozens of shades of yellow frozen lava and the spherical geological formations, next to the picturesque coves of the sea, are worth a visit.

Last but not least,while traveling between the villages Repanidi and Kontopouli take a look at the small forest with oak-trees, which is the only extensive natural wooded area on Limnos. Approximately 2,500 acres are covered by perennial oaks, which probably were part of an older natural forest, that was deforested so as to become grazing land and at the same time to supply the island with timber. Many birds are nesting in their branches and complement the rich bird life of the area, which is adjacent to the most important wetlands of the island.

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Salt Lake Alyki


Lemnos is well-known for its strong gastronomic tradition, influenced by many areas of Minor Asia. The long history of this place is strongly connected with the production of the sublime product like the local wine, the cheese and the wheat of excellent quality which supported the economic development of the island in several periods.

When it’s time to eat, you will find all sorts of taverns on the island mainly serving Greek cuisine.

Go for the little ones for tasty delicacies and good company. You will find fresh fish and good wine everywhere on the island. Also keep in mind that in the small villages you will find the true tastes of Lemnos, lovingly prepared for you by the locals. Before you go, stock up on local products such as their famed cheese, “kalathaki”, as well as wine, pasta, honey and “venizelika”– chocolate fondant and brandy with a history!

If you want to get to know Lemnos in an authentic way and spend time with the locals, all you need to do is book a Taste Lemnos hands-on tourism experience. Cooking and wine tasting lessons, sunset picnics, horse riding and pottery with “Limnia Gi”clay are but a few of your options. You can also get yourself a copy of “Taste Lemnos: The Book” either before you come to the island or during your stay to get better acquainted with Lemnos gastronomy and culture.

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