Lemnos is well-known for its strong gastronomic tradition, influenced by many areas of Minor Asia. The long history of this place is strongly connected with the production of the sublime product like the local wine, the cheese and the wheat of excellent quality which supported the economic development of the island in several periods.

When it’s time to eat, you will find all sorts of taverns on the island mainly serving Greek cuisine. Go for the little ones for tasty delicacies and good company. You will find fresh fish and good wine everywhere on the island. Also keep in mind that in the small villages you will find the true tastes of Lemnos, lovingly prepared for you by the locals. Before you go, stock up on local products such as their famed cheese, “kalathaki”, as well as wine, pasta, honey and “venizelika”– chocolate fondant and brandy with a history!

If you want to get to know Lemnos in an authentic way and spend time with the locals, all you need to do is book a Taste Lemnos hands-on tourism experience. Cooking and wine tasting lessons, sunset picnics, horse riding and pottery with “Limnia Gi”clay are but a few of your options. You can also get yourself a copy of “Taste Lemnos: The Book” either before you come to the island or during your stay to get better acquainted with Lemnos gastronomy and culture.

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