When to visit Limnos?

Limnos is a very beautiful Greek Island that has something to offer each season. Yet, people prefer to come to the island and enjoy their time there in the period between the months of May and September. The climate on the island is Mediterranean. During the spring and summer seasons blow the famous meltemi winds usually from northern and north-eastern direction with an average force of 4-6 bf. During the fall and winter the days get shorter and the wind, rain and waves get stronger.

Surfers should be aware that the presented information applies to the typical wind on Limnos – the North/North-East wind. Yet, Keros beach has a very specific geography and location and thus it can handle wind from almost any direction.

Spring (April to June)

The weather is random, there are north-west winds, as well as south winds. There are fat days and days with rain and sun. The south wind is ideal for Keros bay as it offers moderate winds with more waves. The beach is empty and peaceful, the nature is great. There is possibility of rain and no wind.

Summer (June to September)

This is the meltemi winds season, when the winds blow from north and north-eastern direction with a 4-6 bf force. The meltemi winds usually start quite early in the morning and die out in the afternoon. This time is ideal for windsurf lessons for beginners.

The meltemi winds go in cycles, which mean that there are 3-4 days of wind per week. During some of the weeks, there is wind seven days a week. In that part of the year the wind is nice, with no rain.

Fall (September to November)

The fall is very nice and pleasant in Limnos. There are no so many crowds and the visitors are enjoying the mild weather and the wind. The atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxing.

Winter (November to March)

During the winter months the day is shorter and the waves, wind and rain get stronger. Winter wetsuits are needed by the surfers who want to ride the monster waves of Gomati. It is cold and rainy, with temperatures between 0 and 13 C degrees. The winters are generally mild, with occasional snowfalls.